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The Beloved Haven volunteer position provides a practical, hands-on experience. Volunteers are required to have a caring attitude, passion, skill, and vision that progressively moves Beloved Haven's mission forward. Volunteers are expected to work in collaboration with the beloved haven team. They will have the choice to aid in office work, Drop-in Center Support, outreach, marketing, social networking, or fundraising events. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to participate in training events, workshops, and speaking engagements.

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Beloved Haven Careers


Client Advocate

On-Call hours 


Job Duties and Responsibilities​

  • 24/7 Direct line-hotline coverage 

    • Average calls – 1 a month

    • Coordinate transportation for clients on a state level

    • Coordinate housing for clients on a state Level

    • Follow up as needed with Clients

    • Maintain Professional Relationships with Clients

    • Maintain Reports and accurate records

  • Client Advocate for Elizabeth city and surrounding area

    • Meet with clients housed in local programs

    • Meet and advocate for client needs

    • Maintain Reports and accurate records



  • Work on call hours

  • Experience in advocate work

  • Comfortable working with Human Trafficking clients

  • Passionate about connecting agencies to better aid victims and survivors of Human Trafficking

  • Ability to multitask

  • Ability to work under pressure and remain calm and sound during crisis

  • Attention to detail for report writing

  • Experience in outlook, Microsoft office: word, PowerPoint, excel

  • Comfortable on the phone, clear and professional written and verbal communication

  • Able to keep cases confidential

  • Adheres to the mission statement and goals of Beloved Haven

  • Able to work alongside others as a team and independently as needed

  • Self-motivating

  • Excellent at time management

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Drop-in Center Manager

Full time, 30 hours per week, $9.50 per hour


Beloved Haven’s, Heart and Soul, Drop-in Center Manager plays a key role within the Beloved Haven’s Team. This position will primarily work within the Drop-in Center. They will oversee all clients, volunteers, and programs within the drop-in center.

Job Duties and Responsibilities​

  • Assisting and supervising Clients in their needs within the Drop-in Center

  • Responsible for accurate documentation, reports, filling, and case plans for clients

  • Taking Drop-in Center phone calls, answering Drop-in Center emails

  • Placing scheduled activities on the calendar, overseeing them in the Drop-in Center, and promoting them within the community

  • Heading up outreach in the community to reach Clients

  • Supervising volunteers withing the Drop-in Center

  • All cleaning and stocking within the drop-in center

  • All organization within the drop-in canter

  • Confidentiality is required in this job position



  • Excellent Organizational skills

  • Professional verbal and written communication

  • Comfortable with Scheduling events on calendar and organizing, overseeing events

  • Ability to manage volunteers

  • Ability to work with clients within the Drop-in Center

  • Adheres to the mission statement and goals of Beloved Haven

  • Able to work alongside others as a team and independently as needed

  • Excellent at time management and staying on task

  • Experience with outlook, Microsoft Office: Word and PowerPoint – PC Proficient

Hours will be: 30 per week

Monday-Tuesday 9:00am-3:30pm

Wednesday 10:00am-2:00pm

Thursday-Friday 9:00am-3:30pm


Email: thebelovedhaven@gmail.com

Volunteer: volunteer@belovedhaven.org

Office: 252-722-1977

Registered Charity: 81-1952992

If you, or someone you know, is need of urgent help, please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline:


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